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We believe that effective PR and communications are based on planned and well-executed activities that are aligned with the specific needs of your business.


Our team of specialists develop PR campaigns and content to create awareness, raise profile, and to build and enhance brand reputation.

Together, we think laterally, act with integrity and to high standards based on your best interests - not ours.


But we don’t stop there. In the world of rapidly evolving and changing situations, we work to continuously evaluate your PR and communications activities to ensure we stay aligned and on top with your objectives.

Marketing Communications

We align and connect our activities to achieve greater effectiveness

We understand the importance of marketing and the influence it can have on a business’s success, so we focus on building your brand reputation and presence through:


Event management and sponsorship


E-marketing. With creative thinking, we bring your key messages to life, delivering them to the right audience and achieving maximum impact


Print, design and media buying. We offer effective copywriting as well as access to quality cost-effective third party services


Strategy development. We develop effective marketing and social media plans along with influencer campaigns, to reach and liaise with the right bloggers, writers and influencers

Media Relations

We help you produce high-quality, informative and effective stories across all social media platforms combined with creative campaigns to help raise awareness of your brand.

Our activities include:


Producing and distributing press releases


Responding to media enquires


Securing editorial opportunities


Placing your stories and expert opinion pieces


Arranging meetings with influencers


Building, enhancing and protecting your reputation


Generating ideas


Producing case studies and testimonials

Social Media

Social media is more than just Twitter and Facebook and we work with you to find the right channels to reach your audience. More importantly we develop content that builds and engages with your network.


In partnership we can:


Design a strategy and create your online voice tailored to your audience.


Distribute content throughout social media at the most significant time.


Develop influencer campaigns tailored to your business and your sector to achieve the maximum effect and engagement.

Media Training

We understand what journalists want so we can support you through the interview process, making sure you tell your story in the most effective way.

Our training ensures:


Key people in your business understand the value and importance of successful PR and buy into the activity.


Spokespeople make time to prepare for all eventualities during an interview.


Spokespeople are able to speak with confidence to the media without getting side-tracked.


Interviewees have the right technique to say the right thing in the most engaging way, so your messages are memorable.

Crisis Management

A crisis can arise at any time in any business and without warning. So the Verum team is always vigilant, working proactively to address issues before they turn into a crisis. And, should a crisis arise, we are on hand to support and limit its damaging effects by:


Identifying and risk assessing the potential of the crisis, including 'what if' scenarios and contingency planning.


Developing statements, background information and agreeing roles and responsibilities.


Training and rehearsing and stress-testing the plan.


Continuous evaluation of the environment and the plan.


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